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Deal with Drywall Mold Growth Fast

Deal with Drywall Mold Growth Fast
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Mold is always an enemy. It grows everywhere as long as there is moisture and heat and it makes us sick. Its fast removal is a matter of health. In fact, if you prevent mold from growing on your drywall, you can even deal with it easily. If it expands, you might need drywall removal and re-installation. Its removal will be easier if the drywalls are coated. If they are not, you won't be able to remove it. Since drywalls are porous, they will absorb mildew and the only thing you can do then is cut around the contaminated with mold area and install a new one.

Has your drywall mold grown?

Deal with Drywall Mold Growth FastSo, is your drywall coated? That's great! Texture coating of walls closes the drywall pores. You can deal with mold faster and more effectively. You can use vinegar or mix water with baking soda, and spray some amount on mold. Once the area is cleaned, just make sure it is also well-dried since mold can grow again. If mold is absorbed and you get a new piece of drywall, make sure it is fitted with precision and properly screwed. You can use finish painting coatings after you have covered the joint sections with drywall compound and have sanded the area well.

It's usually difficult to detect mold unless you smell it. By that time, it will probably be too late and mold has most likely expanded on the wall. We usually don't know we have moisture issues until we smell this awful odor of damp materials. Who searches behind furniture? A big bookcase won't let you see what's going on at the back side! Unless water damage is caused by an obvious problem, we hardly avoid dealing with mold. So, it's always a good idea to deal with leaking sinks and tubs fast and take care of all plumbing problems at once. 

Before you deal with mold, take precautions. Don't forget that it's harmful to your health and in order to avoid inhaling airborne spores, it's good to have your mouth and most part of your face covered. Open all windows and turn off the air conditioner, cover the ducts, close all doors, and wear clothes and shoes you can throw away. When the problem is huge, the precautions are bigger. You won't probably need the removal of old coatings but perhaps the removal of the wall. If you see that mold doesn't come out, prefer to remove this particular part of the wall or the entire wall. It's best to invest in drywall installation than have health problems.

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