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Tile installation

Tile installation
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Tiles are commonly used at home on floors and walls of various areas, including the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Tile installation must be done by professionals to ensure excellent results for you to receive your money’s worth. “Drywall Repair Santa Monica” is renowned for our drywall services, but we are also experienced in doing all types of tile installation. Whether you wish to have tiles installed on the floor, walls, and countertops, we offer you admirable service.

We Can Install All Types of Tiles

Tile installationThere are various types of tiles and we have partnered with the top brands in the industry to give you the elite options. You can choose from our wide selection of tiles, materials, and designs you prefer. Drywall Repair Santa Monica gives them to you at the most reasonable price. We carry ceramic, stone, glass, mirror and pebble tiles to name a few. If you’re not sure what type and style of tiles you wish to purchase, consult our professionals so they can help you select the best choice. We have friendly and knowledgeable representatives to answer your call.

We’ll give you a quote so we can estimate how much you’ll spend for the service. With this, you will know if it’s something that falls within your budget. If not, talk to our staff to help you find a wise solution that matches the amount you’re willing to spend. Once you decide on what type of tiles to use, we’ll do the exact measurements. Our skilled technicians will apply the ceramic tile installation or the installation of whatever type of tiles you select.

Aside from installing tiles inside the house, we also perform outdoor tile installation, as well as installing pool tiles. This is not only for new homes, but for houses that are being remodeled too. Our adept team removes old damaged tiles and replaces them with new ones. Furthermore, among many other services we offer customers is tile and grout cleaning. Your tiles and grout could turn dirty overtime and to bring them back to their original beauty, professional cleaning is necessary, and this is something that we excel in. In case you find damages and chips on your tiles, we readily complete their repairs. We handle everything that concerns tiles.

Aside from magnificent tile services, some of the other services that we can assist you with are drywall installation and texturing. We’ll ensure that your drywall is installed properly and securely. If it needs repair, we’re also here to help. Rest assured that our highly experienced and diligent team repairs all kinds of drywall problems, including mold growth, holes, and cracks.

Give us a call if you have any questions or if you wish to hire us for our leading services. We’re always happy and ready to help you.

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